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Our Tax team assists our clients with their day-to-day tax management and with one-off transactions by carrying out the following tasks in particular:

Private equity and M&A transactions

  • Assistance with the tax structuring of private equity transactions and the implementation of employee shareholding mechanisms (free shares, stock options, BSPCEs (business creator share subscription warrants), management packages, etc.) for the benefit of French and foreign employees;
  • Assistance with the creation of investment funds and the structuring of carried interest, tasks in which our team has developed recognised expertise.

Corporate tax strategy and management

  • Assisting companies with the day-to-day tax implications of their activities (corporation tax, VAT, local taxes) and managing their flows (intra-group services, dividends, interest) in a domestic and international context;
  • Assistance in determining their taxable income.

Wealth taxation

  • Advising managers and their families on the transfer of their personal and professional wealth, in particular in setting up Pactes Dutreil, especially in the context of LBOs;
  • Advising managers on structuring their pay and incentive schemes;
  • Assisting managers and their employees with the legal and tax aspects of moving out of or relocating to France;
  • Assistance with their tax returns (income tax and property wealth tax returns for residents and non-residents, and regularisation of accounts abroad).

Property taxation

  • Assisting our clients – both residents and non-residents – in structuring their property investments (VAT, registration duty, corporation tax, managing commitments to resell or build) and complying with the reporting obligations associated with this type of investment (VAT option, commitments, 3% tax, etc.).

Tax audit and litigation 

  • Assisting our clients – companies and individuals – in their dealings with the tax authorities, both at the tax audit stage and before the administrative courts.