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Our firm is committed to a CSR approach, both in the support we provide to our clients and in the advice we give them, as well as in the way we manage the firm.


Setting up an endowment fund

Since 2020, we have been investing in public interest projects that are close to our hearts;

Reducing our environmental impact

This involves carrying out a carbon audit and taking action on a daily basis (reducing printing, use of plastic, recycling paper, etc.).

Company commitment to our teams

Day-to-day, this means skills development, well-being in the workplace, promotion of professional equality and diversity, etc.


Wanting to invest in public interest projects and support causes close to their hearts, in June 2020, LAMARTINE CONSEIL employees decided to create an endowment fund. Through this sponsorship body, the firm intends to make a commitment to associations and, more generally, to not-for-profit organisations to support them in their mission and their day-to-day work. The main purpose of the LAMARTINE CONSEIL Fund is to provide financial support to associations selected by its Board of Directors, which is mainly made up of LAMARTINE CONSEIL employees.

The fact that the members of the Board of Directors are replaced, on an annual basis, from amongst the firm’s staff brings dynamism to the work done by the LAMARTINE CONSEIL Fund and diversity with regard to the of causes selected, while still being guided by certain values the firm is committed to, namely: solidarity, mutual aid, access to culture and education, and raising everyone’s awareness of current and future social and environmental issues.

Do you have any projects to suggest? Do you know about any not-for-profit organisations that deserve to be helped and highlighted? Please contact us!