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Our team dedicated to insolvency works alongside companies facing economic, legal or financial difficulties, and their managers, as well as their creditors or buyers.


  • Assistance with out-of-court settlements, ad hoc mandates or conciliation procedures.
  • Negotiating agreements with the company’s creditors
  • Setting up refinancing solutions

Handling judicial matters

  • Assistance with the opening, running and closing of safeguard, receivership and compulsory liquidation proceedings
  • Advice and assistance when insolvency is declared
  • Drawing up continuation plans, finding buyers and/or investors
  • Defence in the event that managers are held liable
  • Handling all litigation arising from insolvency proceedings (disputed claims, ownership claims, termination of commercial leases, monitoring or early termination of contracts, etc.)

Company takeovers

  • Looking for targets of potential interest to the buyer
  • Assisting the potential buyer in defining the scope of its offer
  • Preparing, drafting and presenting the offer
  • Defending it before the competent court in the presence of procedural bodies
  • Implementing the disposal plan